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 The wireless VoIP-Phone SkyPad from Lifeview is not only transmitting voice, also moving pictures of the talking
  partner by Skype.

The taiwanese manufacturer lifeview is well known for its innovations in the TV Tuner segment.
Now brings the company another worldwide device to the market : the Skypad.

The Skypad is set together by three components.
The basic station is connected by USB with the PC or notebook. It receives and sends the voice to the wireless VoIP Phone Device.

The distance to the mobile device can be up to 10 meters. At the same time the basic station is also a USB 2.0 High-Speed-Hub (three Anschlusse) and a charging station for the phone.

The wireless VoIP-phone device is directly connected by USB-interface with the Skype-Software, other VoIP-companies are not supported.
The power supply is done by 2 rechargable batteries, which offer up to 3 hours talking- and about 100 hours standby-time.

The control elements are functional and limited to the basic functions.
An integrated Digital Display informs about the dialed number and the charging status. The USB-Video camera completes the three-part Skypad-Set.
In the bundle is a specialized version for the Skypad of the Skype Software and some cables.
Wireless Skype-Video-Phone from Lifeview


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