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  World’s first DMB-TH TV tuner
August 30, 2006 – The Standardization Administration of China has recently announced the adoption of the DMB-TH (Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestria/Handheld) digital TV standard for digital TV broadcasts to sets and handhelds.
The final DMB-TH standard is a joint standard based on Tsinghua University’s (Beijing) DMB-T and Jiaotong University’s (Shanghai) ADTB-T.
This announcement ends speculation on what standard was to be used and paves the way for broadcasters to change their transmissions over from analog to digital.
Coinciding with this news, Animation Technologies Inc. has announced their release of the world’s first DMB-TH TV tuner for PCs, the TV Walker DMB-TH, produced under their LifeView branding.

The TV Walker DMB-TH is a USB 2.0 TV tuner that is fully compliant with the new DMB-TH standard and allows desktop and laptop PC owners to watch and record digital television from DMB-TH transmissions.
It can receive broadcasts for set-top televisions as well as those for handhelds. It can also receive HDTV quality television with AC3 sound even while in motion, making it useful for mobile TV viewing.
A LifeView representative stated that this was a milestone for the company in that LifeView is now the first company capable of providing digital TV solutions for every standard worldwide, including DVB-T, DVB-S, ATSC, ISDB-T and now DMB-TH.

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