Optimum performance and Price Lifeview's FlyTV Prime 34
Optimum performance and Price 



Lifeview FlyTV Prime 34 with Philips SAA7134 chipset has gained our applaud by providing good overall technical specification & video quality.

We see all the TV channels shortly after TV channels autoscan in follow to user friendly installation. To switch from TV to FM mode is also easy with quality sound.

Although there are some dvd, vcd, svcd capture settings available, but those optional number of capture settings should increase.

It's important to see Turkish user manual available in pdf format, but prefer as printed in this h/w component in the near future.

the price is really reasonable considering the video quality, therefor must consider Lifeview FlyTV Prime 34 if you intend to buy a TV card lately as it strives to provide good quality with moderate price.

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