Philips íV TV Chip for all Standards
The company Lifeview showed three different TV Devices and

PCI-Cards, equipped with the new Silicon-Tuner-Chip from Philips.


The best of this worldwide-newest-chip: It covers all TV-Standards.

The TV Walker is a USB2.0 Box which fits to your skirt and can be also connected by Plug-n-Play to a laptop.

FlyTV Platinum is build as PCI Card, which is also equipped with the new tuner chip.

FlyTV Platinum mini, a TV Capture card in mini PCI Format, can be build inside of Laptops.

All cards are also equipped with Remote control, Stereo Audio Cable and remote receiver.

The price for the Fly-Platinum-Model (Worldwide) will be around 60 US-Dollar; Fly Walker will cost around 140 US-Dollar.

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