LifeView FlyTV Platinum
Good performance with good price---Lifeview's FlyTV Platinum
  • Interface: PCI
  • Inputs: S-Video, Composite Stereo Audio
  • Output: Stereo Audio
  • Chipset: Philips 7135 (Silicon Tuner)
  • Capture Format: MPEG1/2
  • Driver for: from Windows 98
  • Software: LifeView Suite
  • Special Functions: Worldwide TV-Chipset
  • Accessories: Remote Control

    TV Total: A special Chip turns the FlyTV Platinum to a TV Tuner with worldwide TV reception.
    The new Silicon-Tuner-Chipset Philips 7135 covers as first chipset all TV Standards íV no matter PAL, SECAM or NTSC.
    Additional the card saves up to 125 TV channels. For scanning of the 40 TV-Programs,
    which are broadcasted in the Munich Cable-Net, the FlyTV Platinum needed only 45 seconds in Auto-Scan Modus.
    With this, it is faster than then most of the other cards.
    Also the picture quality of this PCI Card, is higher then the average.
    On the other side, it was not possible to switch to Full-Screen with the packed Beta-Software.
    With the first official driver should this bug also gone.
    The Time-Shift-Function and the TV-Channel-Preview worked without any problems
    Conclusion: The FlyTV is, even in Beta-Status, a very good TV-Card.
    Alternative: The WinFast TV 2000XP Expert (Low Profile Format) costs around 70 Euro, but is fixed in Germany to PAL-Standard

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