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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Dec. 14, 2006 – Animation Technologies Inc. (8060,Taiwan), a pioneer in developing industry-first video multimedia solutions sold under the LifeView brand, has been granted software and hardware patents for their Multiple Streaming Technology by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. This will make Animation Technologies Inc. the sole producer of multi-tuner TV solutions for desktop and laptop PCs in Taiwan, and their patents are pending in various other countries worldwide.
The hardware patent covers the use of a multiple TV signal processor to simultaneously receive analog TV/video signals and/or digital TV signals and then transmitting the decoded signal through a PC interface for playback. This way analog and digital TV programs may be played simultaneously. The software patent then covers the use of multiple interfaces to separately receive digital and analog television signals and the sending of these signals to a tuner, allowing for simultaneous reception of these signals for saving or for playback.
Multiple Streaming Technology, or MST technology for short, is currently used in many of LifeView’s PC TV cards to display multiple video streams simultaneously.This allows users to watch TV with PIP functionality for digital and analog TV.Whereas other digital TV tuners on the market with PIP functionality are limited to displaying programs within the same transport stream or in prerecorded files, MST technology allows users to watch any two digital TV channels at the same time, even at HDTV quality.
Some of LifeView’s MST enabled products include the FlyTV Express X1 MST-T2A2, a PCIe x1 TV card that lets users watch any two TV channels they want whether they are on DVB-T digital TV or on analog TV. Users can even watch two digital TV channels, an S-Video source and a composite video source all at the same time, and even laptop users can experience this with the FlyTV Express M5 MST-T2A2 ExpressCard model. MST technology has been used in LifeView products since the production of their award-winning FlyTV DVB-T Duo CardBus solution for notebook PCs, and is even used in their hybrid models, allowing users to watch digital TV and video from an S-Video or composite video source at the same time.
  About Animation Technologies Inc.
Established in 1990, Animation Technologies Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of video multimedia, and has been developing and manufacturing award-winning products sold under its LifeView brand. Its dedicated R&D team develops industry-first solutions for markets worldwide, and has released products for all major PC interfaces including PCI, CardBus, Mini PCI, PCI Express, ExpressCard, Mini Card and USB. In addition, Animation Technologies Inc. also develops solutions for IA, communications and LCD applications. They also work with OEM and ODM companies to help create branded solutions customized to meet the needs of their specific markets. The company’s philosophy is encapsulated in “The Three R’s”: providing the Right Product at the Right Time with the Right Pricing.
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