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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Feb. 1, 2007 - Animation Technologies Inc. (8060,Taiwan), a pioneer in developing industry-first video multimedia solutions sold under the LifeView brand, recently introduced their latest product, the SkyChat VoIP box. The LifeView SkyChat allows any home phone to connect to both regular phone lines and the Skype network, allowing users to place and receive calls over the internet with their home phone. Calling over the internet no longer means sitting in front of a PC screen – SkyChat makes net calls as simple as regular ones. Users simply pick up their phone and dial their Skype contact’s speed dial number and the SkyChat handles the rest. Calls are clear, with the SkyChat using built-in echo-cancelling to ensure crisp audio quality. Any home phone can be used – users with wireless phones can make calls from anywhere in their house. Call waiting features allow for easy switching between normal phone calls and Skype calls, and both lines can be joined for 3-way conferencing. Phones with caller ID can even display the contact name of incoming Skype calls.
Where the SkyChat really shines, however, is by its ingenious combining of a normal phone line, the Skype network and a PC. This allows it to perform advanced functions such as call forwarding, which allows forwarding of Skype calls to a mobile phone or any other phone number, or forwarding of all regular phone calls to a Skype contact. This allows users to keep in touch with their Skype contacts while mobile, as well as letting users receive all their home phone calls while at work or away. It can act as an answering machine for both regular and Skype calls, complete with remote access via an interactive voice response system. Toll bypass calling allows users to make calls over the Skype network from any phone by calling the SkyChat unit. This can be paired with the SkypeOut service for substantially discounted long distance and international phone calls that can be made from any mobile phone.
The SkyChat will be available globally in March through regional distributors and will have a suggested retail price of $69 USD, giving customers an affordable product with superior functionality.
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Established in 1990, Animation Technologies Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of video multimedia, and has been developing and manufacturing award-winning products sold under its LifeView brand. Its dedicated R&D team develops industry-first solutions for markets worldwide, and has released products for all major PC interfaces including PCI, CardBus, Mini PCI, PCI Express, ExpressCard, Mini Card and USB. In addition, Animation Technologies Inc. also develops solutions for IA, communications and LCD applications. They also work with OEM and ODM companies to help create branded solutions customized to meet the needs of their specific markets. The company’s philosophy is encapsulated in “The Three R’s”: providing the Right Product at the Right Time with the Right Pricing.
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