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Model No. : LR601

View high resolution, static free digital terrestrial TV with crystal clear stereo sound, and catch all your favorite programs on analog TV with the FlyDVB-T Box Duo! Connect the FlyDVB-T Box Duo to any TV* or LCD/CRT monitor to instantly transform it into a digital and analog TV set! Experience features such as channel auto-scan, customizable channel lists, and 9 channel preview mode. The FlyTV Box Duo gives you all of the features of a top notch digital television at a fraction of the cost!

Connect your PC to the FlyDVB-T Box Duo and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience - work on your computer while watching TV in a movable, resizable window, or switch between your desktop and full-screen TV at the press of a button! Whether in the office or in the home, the FlyDVB-T Box Duo is the ultimate solution for your TV needs!

Hardware solution: no PC required!
DVB-T digital TV reception (Europe/Austrailia/Taiwan)
Analog TV reception
Support for worldwide analog TV standards, such as NTSC/PAL/SECAM
Support for worldwide audio decoding, such as NiCAM, A2, BTSC, EIAJ, and MTS
Built-in TV channel table for 150 countries
Full screen display up to 1024x768
Auto-scan for TV stations
High quality deinterlacing engine for crisp image quality
Multi-channel preview 9 channels on the same screen
Supports progressive VGA, SVGA, and XGA output modes
Compatible with TVs with S-Video or composite video inputs, and all LCD and CRT monitors
Multi-language On Screen Display(OSD) menus
Sleep mode timers for 30/60/90/120 minutes
Inputs for S-Video and composite video sources
Stereo L/R audio input
Picture-in-Picture Display Mode
?PIP Video-on-VGA display mode when connected to a PC
?PIP window is movable and resizable
?Pass through of PC VGA and audio when not viewing TV
Digtal TV 75 ohm IEC or type-F
Analog TV 75 ohm IEC or Type-F
S-Video In 4-pin mini-DIN jack
Composite In RCA jack
VGA In 8-pin mini-DIN jack

Audio In

RCA L/R jacks, 3.5 mini Stereo jack(x2)
S-Video Out 4-pin mini-DIN jack
Composite Out
15-pin D-Sub female connector
Audio Out RCA L/R jacks, 3.5 mini Stereo jack
TV System
Audio Decoding
Stereo, Mono, NICAM, A2, MTS, EIAJ, BTSC
VGA Output
640x480/800x600/1024x768 at True Color
Display Mode
Progressive output for flicker-free picture
  • Outdoor antenna or cable TV connection
  • VGA/SVGA/XGA compatible LCD or CRT monitor, or TV with S-Video or composite input
  • Speakers
  • 100V to 240V AC outlet
  • DVB-T Duo TV Box
  • NTSC/PAL adapter (x2)
  • A/V cable (x2)
  • VGA loopback cable
  • Audio cable (x2)
  • Remote control
  • Power adapter
  • User manual
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