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Now you can take pictures and video with your PDA with the FlyCam-CF series! Just insert it into your Pocket PC PDA, laptop, or WinCE device's CF slot and take photographs, record video, or even videoconference wirelessly!

The FlyCam-CF turns your PDA into a versatile digital camera and video recorder !V use multiple viewing modes to take portrait, landscape, and self-portrait photos! Real-time image adjustment lets you fine-tune your photos and video on the fly, and the lens swivels 210X so you can capture the moment from any angle!

The FlyCam-CF has been recognized with both the Good Design Product and Taiwan Symbol of Excellence awards for it's innovative features and versatility! Choose any one of the three FlyCam-CF models and enjoy digital photography with your PDA today!

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  • Compatibility list for HP iPAQ Pocket PC

Model No. : LR178/178M/178MF
  • Full screen display on PDA
  • CMOS image sensor 350K pixels or 1.3M pixels (1.3M models)
  • Lens rotates up to 210X
  • Capture full motion video from 160x120 up to 320x240 (full screen) at 15~20fps
  • Self View / Portrait / Landscape / Full screen display
  • Take snapshots from 320x240 up to 640x480 (350K models), or up to 1024x768 (1.3M model)
  • Save snapshots as a BMP, JPG, or GIF file
  • Playback captured files on your PC with no conversion necessary
  • Send video clips by e-mail
Live Video Preview
  • Preview video at up to 20fps
  • Preview live video in a window from 160x120 to 320x240 (full screen)
  • Self-view / Portrait / Landscape display modes
  • Digital zoom
  • Full screen display at 320x420 landscape (240x320 portrait mode)
  • Realtime video quality adjustment of Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue
Still Image Snapshots
  • Supports still image capture to JPEG, BMP, and GIF image formats
  • Selectable RGB and YUV modes
  • Browse photos in Thumbnail view mode
  • Capture images from 320x240 up to 640x480 (350K models), or up to 1024x768 (1.3M models)
  • Self-timers from 1 to 15 seconds
Record Full-Motion Video
  • Capture full-motion video at up to 20 fps
  • Convert captured video to GIF animations for greater portability
  • Thumbnail window for convenient video clip browsing and selection
  • Supports complete control of video playback on PocketPC
  • Playback recorded video on your PC with no need for conversion
  • Send video over e-mail with just one click
  • Hardware capture button for ease of use
Interface CompactFlash Type I
Sensor CMOS sensor
Lens 1/4" (350K model), 1/2 (1.3M models)
Lens rotates up to 210X
View Angle 52X
Focus Manually focus ring
White Balance Auto
AGC control Auto
Exposure Auto, Built-in Flash (1.3M with flash model)
Video preview
Frame Rate 15fps~20fps
Video Size 160x120 , 180x136, 320x240(Landscape)
120x160, 136x180, 240x320
Video recording
Frame Rate 15fps~20fps
Video Size 160x120 , 180x136, 320x240(Landscape)
120x160, 136x180, 240x320
Compression Motion-JPEG
File format AVI (sync with audio) using IA VideoMail
GIF; IAV ( w/o audio ) using IA Capture
Image Resolution 320x240 , 640x480 (350K model)
320x240 , 640x480 , 1024x768 (1.3M)
File format BMP; JPG; GIF
Dimension 62mm x 63mm x 25mm
Weight 20g
Regulation FCC ; CE ; VCCI
Product Name
FlyCAM-CF (350K)
FlyCAM-CF (1.3M)
(1.3M & Flash)
LR178 M1
LR178 MF2
Image Sensor
Image Capture
640 x 480
1280 x 1024
1280 x 1024
Flash Light
Supported PDAs
  • Pocket PC
    OS: Microsoft Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003 or Mobile 5.0.
    CPU: Intel Xscale
  • Available CompactFlash" slot.
  • Storage memory: 3MB in your Pocket PC is required for software installation.
  • Please check the list of compatible branded Pocket PCs which have been tested in our laboratory.
NOTE: The FlyCAM-CF is also compatible with handheld PCs, Tablet PCs, and other PDAs that use Microsoft WinCE 3.0 or, but those devices may have varying CPUs and may use customized software. We only provide the Pocket PC driver for Pocket PC devices in the retail package.
The bundled FlyCAM-CF Suite includes:
- IA Capture(FC): Record live video and take snapshots
- IA VMail(FC): Create AVI files and send video e-mail
- IA Album (FC): Manage images and photos on your Pocket PC
NOTE:The above bundled software are only compatible with Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 devices.
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