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PCI & Mini PCI TV / Video Card
- FlyVideo is internationally recognized as one of the largest PC-TV card manufacturer in the world. Familiar functions such as TV reception, FM radio, stereo sound, video recording, time-shift and video editing are incorporated into our PCI FlyVideo Series. Animation also provides customers with low profile, cost-effective, and semi-customized PCI TV-cards for system integration of set-top boxes. The Microsoft WinXP WHQL certification proves the qualified technology of R&D in LifeView.
PC Multimedia
- Animation manufactures a wide range of USB peripherals from webcams, USB TV to biometric devices that augment a user's desktop or notebook capabilities. The driver / software supporting from Windows 98 , 2000, Me to XP , especially Mac supporting , to meet all user's update.
IA & Communication
- The FlyJacket is the world's first and only mobile multimedia solution for the iPAQ Pocket PC , features both video input and VGA/Video output. Accompany with FlyJacket iCAM, digital camera solution for FlyJacket, your iPAQ will become not only a Digital camera but also a video camcorder.
- To meet the new era of 3G wireless communications, FlyJacket series will turn your PDA as a palmtop video phone , it's the turn key solution for mobile video communication. To meet the strong demands from the other PDA vendors, LifeView provides CompactFlash camera and CF video I/O devices as well.
LCD Module Assembly
- Animation has a certified Class 1000 cleanroom which allowing the 'in-house' manufacture of various sized LCD modules (4.0", 5.6"), completely assembled with backlight technology for a wide variety of applications such as AV displays, GPS devices, game machines and portable VCD/DVD players.
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