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FlyDVB-T Duo CardBus Change Note
Date Change note

Driver Version 2.11 & AP Version (Interims Build 1212):
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed: Channels with Audio Language with visual impaired commentary was saved during initial frequency scan
- Fixed: Channels were mixed up when on the same frequency scrambled channels available
- Fixed: Characters of Germany, France and Italy were not correctly displayed
Known issues:
- EPG can be selected even when no EPG available on that channel
- The Update Button in the EPG window has to pressed more than once to dsplay EPG
- Sometimes AC-3 Audio language can be selected, even no AC-3 sound available

AP Version
- Fixed: Application hangs or crashed when import or saving the frequency list
- Added support for snapshots in jpg-format
AP Version
- Fixed PAL settings in recording mode
- Fixed crash problem when Nero Vison Express is installed
- Fixed EPG
- Fixed settings page for Analog TV was incorrectly displayed
- Updated the PSI Decoder
- Chinese EPG supported
- Updated the Scan algorithm
- Fixed that the AP crashed when pressing too often the RC
- Fixed that the application crashed in analog recording when the recording is finished
- FM was sometimes incorrectly detected
- Added support for correct bandwidth settings in W2K/XP SP1
- Added Hotkey ALT+CTRL+T to turn the application on
- Fixed German EPG support
- Application crashed sometimes when Hybrid card was installed
- Added remote control support for FlyDVB-T Cardbus
- Added support for Spanish and Turkish
- Time for Playback/Timeshift correctly displayed
- Fixed a bug in Schedule recording
- Fixed the Hotkey for TV/Radio
- Fixed the Hotkey for the Recall function
Driver Version 2.7.02 & AP
- Added German, French and Italian language
- Fixed analog recording problem
- Added Capture Size Setting
- Updated Teletext Application
- Updated the Video/Audio Decoder
- Fixed the channel lose in DVB when switching to S-Video and Composite
- Fixed a problem in Twin and PIP mode
- Added EPG function
- Fixed a bug in the psiparser
- One application is now suitable for all DVB products. Only the functions supported by hardware are available.
Driver Version 2.2.00 & AP
Features Added

- Enabled the setting for using the preinstalled system codecs for analog TV recording.
- Added DVB SAP function
- Added DVB Channel sorting function
- Supports German language. Depending the language selection during installation of the software

Fixed Bugs:
Fixed the problem that the correct resolution can't be set when recording analog stream
- Modified the problem that some key words can't be typed when renaming the playback file name

Known issues:
- Teletext function disabled currently
Driver Version AP
- 1. Added the twin frame function.
- 2. Modified the pip function.
- 3. Fixed the problem about there is no video frame in RGB24 output type of analog TV when stopping time shifting.
- 4. Fixed the problem about the memory can't be take off when stopping analog TV recording.
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