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FlyTV Platinum Change Note

FlyTV Platinum Change Note
Date Change note

TVR 3.23 Bug Fixes:
- Updates the the TV system for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay to PAL-N, Brazil to PAL-M
- Updated TV System for Shenzhen from PAL-D to PAL-I
- Updates the frequency table for UK
- Frequency property handle changed for compatibility with WinXP SP2 and DirectX 9.0c


Driver Version (WHQL Certified):
- Fixed that the Audio disappear, when switching from S-Video/Composite to TV
- Fixed that audio was lost when resume from S3/S4 mode
- Remote function now independant from driver
- Fixed that the driver can't be installed in Win98SE

This driver works only with TVR 3.23, previous versions are not supported by this driver


Driver Version (WHQL Certified):
- Fixed picture noise from S-Video and Composite input
- Better support of the property page in TV Audio
- Support for SAA7130


TVR 3.20 Bug Fixes:
- Improved FM Reception
- Improved TV Tuner Reception
- Modified the maximum frequency to 900 MHz in TV, and minimum frequency to 76MHz in FM Mode (Country dependant)
- Fixed the shut down issue in Win98SE
- Extended Frequency table

TVR 3.20 New Features:
- Added support for additional MPEG-4 Codecs
- Added AVI-Recording
- Adding the possibility to choose the audio source for recording
- MPEG-4 Audio Compression in MPEG-1 Layer II
- Overlay mode in all resolutions
- New UI added


Driver Version (WHQL Certified):
- Added FM function for FlyTV Platinum
- Fixed the sound disappeared when plug-in an USB-device
- Modified the maximum frequency to 900 MHz in TV, and minimum frequency to 76MHz in FM Mode
- Remote Control Service (lvhidsvc.exe) can now be stopped or removed in the taskmanager


Driver Version (WHQL Certified):
- Corrected an Audio issue for Japan (EIAJ)


Driver Version (WHQL Certified):
- Initial Release
TVR 3.00 Bug Fixes:
- Fixed PAL-M/N together with Driver
- Fixed Poland and Russia FM frequency
- If TV card doesn't have FM module, the remote control can't set to FM mode
- Remote Control Patch for Win98SE/ME is not needed anymore, supported now in TVR 3.00

TVR 3.00 features:
- When Microsoft MPEG-4 Codec or DivX Codec 5.1 is installed in your system, you are able to capture in DivX or MS-MPEG-4 in the following resolutions PAL (352x288) or NTSC (320x240)
- Supports FM Recording in *.wav-Format
- Added Full Frequency Scan
- Added selectable Video Standard
- Added selectable MPEG1/2 Recording bitrate
- New Honestech MPEG Encoder
- Audio Input Source selectable
- Added internal Audio support through PCI-Bus (select "None" in the Audio Input Source)
- Skin changeable
- Selectable Output Size for Time Shift Recording (NTSC: 320x240, 640x480, PAL: 352x288, 704x576)
- Changed Thailand and Egypt videostandard to PAL B
- Added FM Mode in Schedule Recording

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