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Model No. : LR306N

Enjoy the best of both worlds on your desktop PC
Conveniently enjoy both digital and nalog TV from the same card! With the transition from analog to digital broadcasts taking place, users are torn between buying an analog TV card to watch all their current shows and buying a digital TV card to experience the latest high quality programs.

The perfect match for Windows MCE

Looking to create a mobile media station with Windows MCE The MCE certified FlyDVB-T Hybrid is the perfect match for your MCE PC. Enjoy all the best features MCE has to offer with the high quality reception and versatility of the FlyDVB-T Hybrid. Always on timeshifting, scheduled recording, extended EPG guides, Teletext and more - LifeView's TV solutions bring your media PC to life!

Digital terrestrial TV and radio reception (DVB-T)
Experience the future of television with free-to-air DVB-T digital TV reception! Offering increased resolution for a static-free sharper image and stereo sound, digital TV brings home theater quality video to your PC!
Analog TV reception from cable/air TV
Enjoy all your favorite programs on analog TV! Our silicon tuner gives you the highest quality video and sound while providing universal standards support for the best viewing experience possible!
Supports worldwide analog TV standards, including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM
With universal standards support, you can watch analog TV on your PC, wherever you are in the world! Tune in to your favorite local channels, no matter what kind of TV broadcasts you receive!
Supports worldwide audio decoding standards including NICAM, A2, MTS, BTSC, and EIAJ
Support for global audio decoding standards ensures that you can watch TV with full stereo sound and enjoy multi-lingual broadcasts!
S-Video and composite video inputs
Connect a VCR, camcorder, game console or any external analog video source with the included S-Video and composite video inputs! Use it to monitor video from the device, or record video to your hard drive íV perfect for archiving home movies to digital format!
Supports worldwide audio decoding standards including NICAM, A2, MTS, BTSC, and EIAJ
Support for global audio decoding standards ensures that you can watch TV with full stereo sound and enjoy multi-lingual broadcasts!

EPG, Teletext, and Closed Captioning functionality
Expand your viewing experience with EPG functionality, Teletext programming and Closed Captioning reception from select TV broadcasts!

FM radio reception (only FM model)
Listen to FM radio on your PC, and record broadcasts to your hard disk!

Remote control
Comfortably change channels from a distance with the included IR remote control and IR sensor cable!

Video Capture
Record the exact digital TV stream to MPEG-2, record analog video to MPEG 1/2
Save your favorite digital TV programs perfectly - the broadcast MPEG-2 stream can be saved directly to the hard drive! Record analog video to MPEG 1/2/4 formats íV save your favorite shows to your hard drive and watch them anytime!
Still-image snapshots
Save a video snapshot to your hard drive to send to friends, or set it as your desktop wallpaper!
TimeShifting features to pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV
Take control of your TV viewing experience! Take a break, pause TV, and pick up where you left off! Rewind to replay a scene, or fast forward past commercials!
Scheduled recordings
Record your favorite programs when youíŽre away íV easily schedule a one time recording or a daily recording for your favorite TV series!
MST: Multiple Streaming Technology
LifeView MST Technology enables you to watch multiple video streams
simultaneously on one display.
Live video streams can be digital TV and S-Video,
or comosite video.
MST Functionality
PIP (Picture In Picture)

Watch digital TV and analog video picture in picture

POP (Picture out of Picture)
- Watch the two video streams in separate windows you can place anywhere on your desktop
Twin mode
- Watch digital TV and analog video side by side in identical windows
- Resize the video windows to whatever size you want
Swap video between the primary and secondary window with a click of a button
Drag & Drop
Drag and drop the secondary window anywhere on the desktop
Form Factor
Low Profile PCI
TV Input
RF jack (for DVB-T and Analog TV) Digital:950-2150MHz
Analog TV:45.25MHz-863.25MHz
A/V Input Mini-DIN
9-pin jack
Mini-DIN 4-pin jack
RCA jack (yellow)
Audio (R)
RCA jack (red)
Audio (L)
RCA jack (white)
Video Support
Audio Support
Stereo, Mono
2.5mm headphone jack (female)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD 2.8GHz or faster
  • RAM: 512MB minimum
  • Microsoft Windows MCE 2005 or higher
  • 60GB HD or larger (MCE requirement)
  • VGA card/chipset with 128MB RAM minimum and full hardware DirectX 9.0c support
  • MCE compatible sound card/chipset
  • Available PCI slot
  • FlyDVB-T Hybrid
  • A/V input cable
  • Installation CD with Installation Guide
  • Portable antenna (optional)
  • FM antenna (optional)
  • FM antenna connector (optional)
  • Remote Control (optional)
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