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Lifeview's next generation Global TV video capture card brings a whole new TV world to your home! With the unique advantages of Philips silicon tuner, the FlyTV platinum series not only cover the worldwide TV system and TV stereo, but also provides you the best quality and performance in TV viewing.

All you need is to install a FlyTV Platinum series PCI TV card in your PC and discover the whole newworld with us! FlyTV Platinum series will enable you to watch TV on PC without any boundary. Moreover, it is also your partner for FM radio.

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Supports all-in-one TV system including NTSC Japan/ USA, PAL BG/DK/I and SECAM LL'

Supports all TV audio decoding including NiCAM, A2 and MTS.
It provides a TV station to broadcast different information to the viewer across the audio receiver system.

Watching live TV, playback video on PC

OSD (On Screen Display) function

Capture TV, video, & Snapshot still image
You can capture any size image of your favorite TV program, video, and save your own Digital Photo Album or keep it in your PC with other digital images.

Real-time MPEG-1,2,4 video recording
Save your favorite TV programs or videos in high-quality MPEG 1/2/4 formats! It supports other input sources, such as a TV signal, a camcorder or other analog devices.

Channel rename & up to 25 channels review
You can conveniently preview a series of 25 channels at a time. You will see a thumbnail image of each channel, and you can choose the TV program you want.

Auto scan up to 125 TV channels and favorite channel editing

Timeshift featured to pause, forward, rewind live TV
Timeshift allows you to pause a live broadcasting and then return to it after few minuts, or even hours later and continue from where you left. You can also schedule a recording while you're away and then listen to the show at a later time. This is considered time-shift recording as well.

Live stream
Scheduled TV recording
You can set to record a show days in advance. With the TV Recording Scheduler you can watch your favorite TV Program whether you are sitting in front of your PC or not.
Create and edit digital videos
FM radio reception (only FM model)
Auto scan FM channels
Hot key to control TV CH up/down & Vol +/-
TV channel Finetune +/-0.25MHz

VBI supports Teletext

Remote control

PCI 2.2
TV Input
RF jack
Video Input
miniDIN 7 pin-jack
miniDIN 4-pin
RCA (white)
Audio Input
miniDIN 7 pin-jack
Audio (R)
RCA (red)
Audio (L)
RCA (yellow)
Stereo TV decoding For NICAM, A2, BTSC/MTS and EIA-J system
FM radio FM model optional
2.5mm phone jack (female)
Dimension 119.9mm(L)x55.5mm(W)x35mm(H)
Supported TV tuner type
Versatile TV tuner type (LR215W): NTSC, PAL BG, PAL DK, PAL I, SECAM LL'
FlyTV Platinum LP / LP FM is the first TV card in the world to utilize the Philips Silicon tuner -the 9-bit video ADC PCI video decoder and stereo sound decoder on a single chip.
Product Name Model No. FM Radio Main Chip TV Sound PCB size
FlyTV Platinum LP LR215W SAA7135 Worldwide Stereo Low Profile PCI
FlyTV Platinum LP FM LR215WF * SAA7135 Worldwide Stereo Low Profile PCI
  • Outdoor antenna or cable TV connection
  • Pentium III 500MHz or higher processor
    • MPEG-1: PIII 800MHz or higher
    • MEPG-2: P4 1G or above
    • Timeshift: P4 1.8G or above
  • 128MB of system memory ( 256MB is recommended )
  • Windows 98 SE / Me / 2000 / XP with DirectX 8.1 installed
  • DirectX 8.1 compatible VGA card
  • Windows driver is fully BDA compliant.
  • Windows 2000/XP compatible drivers.
  • Linux driver is available for OEM request.
  • Mac driver is available for OEM request.
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