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Drivers | FlyPresenter Suite | Pocket TV

In order to provide the best possible support for the FlyPresenter-CF, LifeView will post FlyPresenter-CF driver versions for fast, convenient downloading of the latest software drivers.
Quick Installation Instructions :
  • Establish the connection between your PocketPC and desktop PC via Active sync.
  • Please unzip the downloaded file on your desktop PC. The download file includes CAB and EXE file of FlyPresenter-CF in the unzipped folder.
  • Run Setup.exe directly. Follow the prompt instruction to complete the installation into your PocketPC.

FlyPresenter-CF added support for Pocket PC 2003 , but It contains the software driver revision and hardware ID code .

FlyPresenter-CF: ID Code: 4422 Driver Version: 1.09

Please refer to the history of revision change shown as below.
Driver version Date size Language Fixes and Enhancement
v.1.11 04.10.26 175K English Latest update
v.1.09 03.08.05 174K English Added Support for PPC2003.
03.13.13 171K English
02.12.20 English

Supports Pocket TV V.0.9.5 to get up to 30fps video projection at full screen display.

02.09.25 Initial version.
Note: The latest driver will be downward compatible with the older one.
The latest FlyPresenter-CF driver v.1.05 contains LifeView Shadow. Check your PocketPC after you complete the installation.
FlyPresenter Usr's Guide ( PDF file )
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German Simplify Chinese Traditional Chinese
FlyPresenter Suite
The FlyPresenter user now can update each component by individual installer but with the same CD-Key which was labeled on the envelope of the CD bundled in the FlyPresenter-CF package. Moreover, all the software begin to support multi-language.
Before you download, please check out the revision change notice for each software. All the latest version are new and separated , and can exist for the FlyPresenter-CF owner.
IA Presenter(FP)

IA Presenter(FP) is a powerful presentation solution for showing Microsoft PowerPoint slides on your PocketPC and also projecting them to a VGA screen or TV monitor. After you have created a PowerPoint presentation on your Windows PC, just drag-and-drop it to your PocketPC. IA Presenter・s conversion filter will convert the PowerPoint slides for your PocketPC automatically. You can leave your laptop or other heavy presentation equipment at home next time you need to give a presentation !

Driver version Date size Language Fixes and Enhancement
v.2.1 03.08.05 3.82MB English Initial version.
3.81MB Japanese
3.83MB Germany
3.85MB French
3.04MB Chinese traditional
3.74MB Chinese simplified
IA Screen Mirror(FP)

IA Screen Mirror(FP) is an effective utility that projects an exact emulation of your mobile device・s screen contents (LCD display) onto a connected external VGA output device, or television monitor via the Composite video or S-video terminals. In addition, it allows you to project and display multiple LCD screens on the VGA screen or TV screen simultaneously, :freeze; them in the desired state, and maintain one as the active viewport. Flexible output control options let you control the allocation of CPU utilization, orientation, resolution, and color optimization/dithering of projected images.

Driver version Date size Language Fixes and Enhancement
v.2.01 03.08.05 1.36MB English Initial version.
1.36MB Japanese
1.37MB Germany
1.39MB French
1.37MB Chinese traditional
1.37MB Chinese simplified
IA Album(FP)

IA Album(FP) is the ultimate digital image manager for your PocketPC. This award-winning software allows you to view, organize, annotate, present, and share images quickly and easily. Download images from your desktop PC via ActiveSync, or get them from your digital camera・s memory card (CompactFlash, or Secure Digital/MMC card). Images, including PowerPoint-generated image slides, can be projected to a VGA or TV screen, and animated GIF files can be played. A handy Screen Capture utility is included, along with a variety of attractive :picture frames; you can use to frame your images.

Driver version Date size Language Fixes and Enhancement
v.2.3 03.08.05 2.87MB English Initial version.
2.89MB Japanese
2.92MB Germany
2.94MB French
2.90MB Chinese traditional
2.90MB Chinese simplified
Pocket TV
Pocket TV is a full-featired MPEG movie player for Pocket PC. The revison V.0.9.5 supports FlyPresenter-CF to project out the full-motion video from pocket PC to any external display device, e.g. projector, monitor or TV.
  • The video source file could be MPEG-1 file 160x120 or 320x240.
  • The output display can be zoomed up to full screen.
  • Download Pocket TV Classic edition.
Quick Guide
  • Run Setup to install Pocket TV on to your Pocket PC via Active Sync.
  • Select Flypresenter in Tools > Options > Fullscreen.
  • Play compatible MPEG-1 file.
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