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The software contains TV / Video viewing feature, still image capture and motion video recoding to MPEG1/2 function.
After you download the new driver and application, you will need to run the UNINSTALL program from Start / Programs / LifeView TVR to remove previous driver and TV utility software. (TVR doesn't contain any driver, please download the driver seperately)
DTV Application
Date 2006/01/06
Vista Version


Size 23240k

Date 2006/05/29
Version (32bit)

Driver (206k)

Version (64bit) BDA Driver (292k)
Vista Version

BDA Driver

Change note
including Setup for drivers.
NTSC-J, PAL, and SECAM TV Tuner Hotfix for DirectX 9.0b
Date 2004/09/04

Non-NTSC TV Tuner Hotfix for DirectX 9.0b

Change note DirectX 9.0b caused several TV Tuner capture card/driver combinations using video formats other than NTSC (NTSC-J, PAL, SECAM) to no longer initialize correctly on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Symptoms include loss of capture functionality and potential inability to set/retain device capture settings.

This patch is only for users who installed one of the above Operating systems and already installed DirectX 9.0b.

User Manual
Date Version Size Language Change note
2004/05/20 3.20 427k English User Manual for FlyTV Platinum Gold
Adobe Acrobat Reader needed
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