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FlyCAM-SD | IA PowerCamera Suite |
FlyCAM SD 1.3M with Flash Light driver
The dirvers of FlyCAM SD 1.3M only support HP PDA model : h1937, h2210, h5450
Driver version Date Language Debug and Enhancement
v.1.02 2004/3/10 English Update laster driver. For HP 1937
v.1.02 2004/3/10 English Update laster driver. For HP 2210
v.1.02 2004/3/10 English Update laster driver. For HP 5450
v.1.01 1/16/2004 English Update laster driver.
v.1.00 11/14/2003 English Enhance function of FlyCAM-SD QuickTest program.
Quick Installation Instructions:
  1. Establish the connection between your PDA and desktop PC via Active sync.
  2. Please unzip the downloaded file on your desktop PC.
  3. Run FlyCAM-SD Driver(Rev. 1.0).exe directly. Follow the prompt instruction to complete the installation into your PDA.

    The latest FlyCAM-SD driver contains FlyCAM-SD QuickTest . The program is designed on purpose to quickly verify whether your camera is working properly or not . After you complete the installation , you could find there is a QuickTest program in the Programs on your PDA . It contains the driver revision and hardware ID code , please inform us these information if you need the technical support .

FlyCAM-SD User Guide
Language File Size Date
English 750KB 11/14/2003
Download IA PowerCamera Suite
The IA Style PowerCamera Suite is a perfect fit for multimedia video solutions for Pocket PCs, and organizing /annotating "still" images. With FlyCAM-SD , this integrated software Suite gives you creative control over image/video capture and management. It consists of three products:
  • IA Album(FD) (digital photo album manager and screen capture utility)
  • IA Capture(FD) (take snapshots and shoot video clips using your Pocket PC and attached camera or video source)
  • IA VideoMail(FD) (create video files, with audio, and E-mail them to your friends)
The FlyCAM-SD owner could update each component by individual installer but with the same CD-Key which was labeled on the envelope of the CD bundled in the FlyCAM-SD package . Please go to for registration to get a free update , or download the latest version here.
Software Modell Language File size Update
IA Album(FD) for FlyCam SD English 1.66MB 11/14/2003
IA Capture(FD) for FlyCam SD English 1.40MB 11/14/2003
IA VideoMail(FD) for FlyCam SD English 1.33MB 11/14/2003
Contact IA Style Inc.
Registration and Upgrading
At IA Style, we are continually improving our products and adding new functionality. Whenever a newer version of a module in the IA Style PowerCamera Suite is available, we will announce it on our web site. Registered owners of IA Style PowerCamera Suite can then update the program free of charge.
FAQ Pages
We recommend that you first browse through the "Frequently Asked Questions" pages if you have questions. These pages are continually being updated, and there is a good chance you will find the answer to your question there.
The programs in the IA Style PowerCamera Suite are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of those programs without prior written permission of IA Style, Inc. is also prohibited.
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