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LifeView's TV Walker Q2 is the easiest way to add digital terrestrial TV reception to any desktop or laptop PC. Slim yet sophisticated, the TV Walker Q2 enables users to watch and record high definition TV programs without opening their computer or performing messy installation procedures. It's also ideal for users who use multiple computers, such as a home PC and a laptop. A Vista Premium Certified product, the TV Walker Q2 lets you get the most out of Windows Media Center by unlocking its wealth of TV-related functionality.

Model No. : LR550
Receive digital terrestrial (DVB-T) TV/radio programs
Slim, compact design is easy to take anywhere
Vista Premium Certified
USB interface makes it perfect for desktop and laptop PCs
Latest chipset design for high reception sensitivity
Low power consumption
TV Walker Q2s low power design helps conserve your laptops battery life, so you can feel free to enjoy your favorite shows even when mobile.
Easy 3-step install procedure
Watch TV anywhere with the included portable antenna
Record TV programs perfectly to MPEG-2
Remote control for easy control of TV functions*
* Remote intended for use with LifeView MVP application only
PVR Functions
Timeshifting: Take control of your TV viewing V timeshifting lets you pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV. Take a bathroom break without missing your favorite show, make your own instant replays, or simply fast forward through commercials.
Still Image Snapshots: Take a snapshot of any TV program and save it to your hard disk. Use it as your desktop wallpaper, or e-mail it to share with friends.
Scheduled Recording: Never miss an episode of your favorite show again V the TV Walker Q2 can be set to record your favorite series each week for later viewing or for burning to DVD.
Teletext Support: Teletext support is included so you can check out additional information broadcast with your TV program to stay informed about current events.
EPG Support: Want to know whats on next? EPG lets you see whats scheduled to come on later, and gives you detailed descriptions of each show.
One-touch Recording from EPG: Schedule a recording o a show later in the day with just one click of the mouse V all the details are programmed for you automatically.
E CPU: Minimum Intel or AMD 2 GHz or equivalent
E RAM: Minimum 512MB
E Windows XP(SP2) / Vista Home Premium or Ultimate
E 100MB available hard disk space for software installation,
@ additional space required for recording or TimeShifting
E CD-ROM drive
E VGA chipset with full DirectX 9.0 support
E DirectX 9.0c or higher installed
E Available USB 2.0 port
E TV Walker Q2
E RF Adapter
E Portable Antenna
E Remote Control
E Installation CD
E Quick Install Guide
E Warranty Card
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