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Features | System Requirements
Model No. : LR873

Integrating media capabilities into your notebook PC couldn¡¦t be easier
LifeView¡¦s FlyTV Express Mini MST-TA Hybrid helps you turn your laptop design into a full-fledged media PC! Just add one to an available Mini Card slot to give your customers the ability to watch and record both digital terrestrial TV and analog TV on their laptop! The FlyTV Express Mini MST-TA Hybrid even has A/V pins for connecting external video sources via S-Video or composite video, allowing your notebook to be used as a portable video studio. By adding a portable antenna, you can use your laptop as a mobile TV, so you can enjoy digital TV anytime, anywhere!

Low power consumption, low heat and better reception
Built with the latest chipset, our FlyTV Express Mini MST-TA Hybrid helps conserve laptop battery life with its low power consumption and low heat design. This helps laptops run cool and run longer, enabling your customers to enjoy TV anywhere without sacrificing battery life. This new chipset also has enhanced reception sensitivity, which allows users to tune into all available channels even in less than perfect viewing environments ¡V a must for mobile TV viewing.

¡E Simple one-card design for easy integration into any laptop PC
¡E Digital TV, Analog TV, video capture and FM radio functions from a single card
¡E Low power consumption helps conserve laptop battery life
¡E Low heat design won¡¦t impact your laptop¡¦s thermal design
¡E Enhanced reception sensitivity
¡E Compatible with Windows Media Center (Windows XP MCE and Windows Vista)

Watch and record free-to-view digital terrestrial TV and radio broadcasts (DVB-T)

Supports worldwide DVB-T standards (6/7/8MHz)

Supports SDTV and HDTV broadcasts

4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio support

Watch and record analog TV with support for worldwide TV and stereo sound standards

Connect to external video sources via S-Video or composite video

Listen to and record FM radio

Compatible with Vista and Windows Media Center

Watch and record video from S-Video or composite video inputs
Watch digital TV and input analog video (S-Video or composite video) simultaneously with enhanced PIP functions
TimeShifting functions let you pause, rewind and fast forward live TV

Autoscan for channels or manually add frequencies

Customizable channel lists

Still image snapshots

One Touch scheduled recording from EPG and manual scheduled recording

EPG & Teletext support

  • CPU: Minimum AMD or Intel 2.0GHz or equivalent, 3.0GHz or equivalent required for Vista Home Premium or Ultimate
  • RAM: Minimum 512MB, 1GB or more required for Vista Home Premium or Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) / Vista
  • 100MB available hard disk space for full software installation, additional space required for recording or TimeShifting
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA chipset with full DirectX 9.0 support, minimum 128MB RAM required for Vista Home Premium or Ultimate
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher installed
  • Available Mini Card slot
  • TV antenna or cable for analog TV
  • TV antenna for digital TV
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