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Features | Specification | System Requirements
The FlyJacket iCAM is an add-on camera for FlyJacket i3800. The sleek, slender design of the FlyJacket iCAM disguises the fact that it houses an internal battery that effectively eliminates dependency on the iPAQ battery. And for added convenience, the FlyJacket iCAM batteries are replaceable - no recharging from a power adapter is required. Featuring an adjustable camera lens that swivels up to 180X in portrait mode (90X in landscape), plus a built-in optical viewfinder, the FlyJacket iCAM makes it easy to take a picture or video in both indoor and outdoor situations.
  • Lens swivels 180X
  • Capture still images
  • Capture full motion video
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Landscape / Portrait View modes
Video Capture and Storage

Combining the FlyJacket i3800 and the FlyJacket iCAM together allows any iPAQ owner to transform it into a digital still camera and video camcorder!

Adjustable Lens

No more awkward stances when trying to get the perfect picture with the FlyJacket iCAM's lens the has 180X rotation in portrait mode and 90X rotation in landscape mode!

Landscape / Portrait Orientation

See the whole picture on your iPAQ as you take snapshots or record video. The option to view in landscape (wide) or portrait (tall) mode makes using the FlyJacket iCAM so easy and versatile.

CMOS type
300k pixels
Lens 180X rotation in portrait mode
90X rotation in landscape mode
1/4 inch
View angle 52X
Focus Manually focus adjustment
From 10cm to
Viewfinder Optical
Power Battery N5 type; 1.5V*4pcs
Power ON/OFF switch
Weight 40g
Dimension 2.9cm(W) x 13.4cm(H) x 2.9cm(L)
The Digital Video Camera Add-on Solution
Combining the FlyJacket i3800 and the FlyJacket iCAM together allows any iPAQ owner transform it into a digital still camera AND video camcoder! See how it works!
  • iPAQ Pocket PC (H3600, H3700, H3800 and H3900 model series)
  • Pocket PC 2000 / 2002
  • FlyJacket i3800
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